Pro-Russian mercenaries in the occupied Donbas area abduct people for the purpose of sexual exploitation in Ukraine and Russia, UNIAN reported, referring the 2017 “Trafficking in Persons report" of the U.S. Department of State.

In areas controlled by Russian-led separatists, the situation becomes particularly difficult. Opportunities for employment are limited, and the separatists "power" reduces international humanitarian assistance that would help meet the needs of the civilians. Women and girls from areas affected by the conflict are abducted for the purpose of sexual and labor exploitation in Ukraine and Russia, according to the report.

Some Ukrainians in the occupied territories of Donbas were subjected to labour.

The armed conflict in the east of Ukraine fueled by Russian aggression resulted in the resettlement of about two million people, and these citizens are particularly vulnerable to exploitation. The US Department of State confirms that the internally displaced persons were victims of human trafficking.

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