Apart from real tanks and military aircrafts, introduced in great number to the peninsula, special inflatable “military” objects are brought to the Crimea.

The main function of such items is to fool the enemy.

It is air-inflated models of tanks, rocket launchers made of dense fabric. From the height of a 10-storied building the inflatable tanks are virtually difficult to distinguish from real ones: they radiate heat, they have similar properties of radio and light reflections. When conducting video surveillance from the air, such objects cannot be distinguished from the originals if they stand next to them.

There is enough such military equipment in Crimea and occupants demonstrate it to local residents on the case. They are not ashamed to make such a show. It is a kind of “work” with the population of the peninsula. Thus, they promote belief in the military power of the Russian Federation and slave thinking based on fear for the Crimean electorate.

Especially the invaders like to demonstrate inflatable tanks and air defense systems:

Here is an example of the usual cleaning equipment, camouflaged for military equipment:

Reference, Ukrainian Crimea was occupied by the Russian Federation in February-March 2014. March 16, 2014 illegal referendum was held in the Crimea that was not recognized by most countries in the world. Crimea remains temporarily occupied territory for Ukraine.