Russian Special forces groups arrived in the occupied Crimea to carry out tasks within the framework of the planned exercises, according to the press service of the Southern Military District of Russia.

“As part of the headquarters-command exercise in the area, which started on the eve in the Rostov region, the special military unit of the Southern Military District began the active phase of the exercise. Special Operations Group were delivered to the regions of tasks fulfillment at the landfills of the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Crimea in a mixed way: In an automobile column on armored vehicles "Typhoon" and "Tiger", as well as parachuting from military transport aircrafts.”

According to the defense department of the aggressor country, more than 450 servicemen were involved in the exercises as well as over 100 units of special equipment.

Earlier, April 2 in the occupied Crimea, Russian artillery units of the Army Corps and Marine Corps carried out military exercises with shooting.  According to the exercise script, the conventional enemy mounted defences on the coast. D-30 howitzers, Grad multiple rocket launcher, 120 mm self-propelled artillery guns Nona and 122 mm self-propelled howitzer Gvozdika were used to destroy it. UAVs were used to control the results and for the fire adjustment.

PHOTO: Internet​