Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin noted that Russia destabilizes the situation in Donbas. And he constantly informs the authorities of France and Germany on the fact, according to the statement Klimkin made at the joint press conference with the Head of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs Didier Burkhalter in Kyiv, UNIAN reported.

“Today we have highlighted the situation in Donbas. We have a real deterioration of the situation with a lot of shelling, and we have many injured persons. Thus, Russia is consciously destabilizing the situation now”.

The Minister noted that he regularly contacts with “Normandy format” colleagues.

“I have been in constant contact with my colleagues. I mean in particular French and German friends in the “Normandy format”. Last night French Minister of Foreign Affairs and I discussed in details how to break this conscious escalation by Russia."

Klimkin went on saying that he also made attempts  to achieve progress in the release of hostages.

Earlier QHA reported that according to the Minister of Justice of Ukraine Pavlo Petrenko, Ukraine is technically ready for introduction of the visa regime with the Russian Federation, but political decision is needed for its implementation.

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