The investment group, managed by the Russian mafia and connected with the government, transferred at least $ 900,000 to a company that financed the development of chemical weapons in Syria, CNN reported, referring to the financial documents available to the channel.

It turned out that according to the bank records of the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008, the investment group associated with the government-backed Russian mafia group, as US officials believe, agreed to transfer more than three million dollars to Balec Trading Ventures, according to official figures - to buy expensive furniture.

Transaction records confirm that no less than 900,000 were transferred from this amount. Both companies are registered in the Virgin Islands.

The company in question is called Quartell Trading Ltd. and, according to the US Justice Department, it was one of many companies that laundered millions of dollars of Russian taxpayers and was connected to the so-called "Magnitsky case" - perhaps the most famous corruption case in Putin's Russia.

Balec Trading Ventures company is owned by the Syrian Issa al-Zeidi, a Russian citizen who has been on the US Ministry of Finance's sanction list since 2014 because of his links with the Syrian research center developing chemical weapons, including the production of sarin, nerve gas and mustard gas.

CNN reports that according to the US Congress and the US Justice Department, a gang of the Russian mafia, called the Klyuyev group, consists of former and current employees of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, two tax departments and the Federal Security Service FSB.

Earlier QHA reported that the US intelligence service intercepted messages of the Syrian military about preparing a chemical attack using sarin in the Syrian city Idlib.

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