The Russian terrorist forces continue violation of Minsk agreements. In particular, on May 30 evening  militants once again fired from mortars Avdiivka residential areas, the ATO headquarters reported.

“In the evening, around 7.45 pm, militants once again fired from the mortars Avdiivka city. As a result, three civilians, who were near the bus stop at the shelling time, were injured. All of them are hospitalized in the city hospital. One of them is in critical condition. Also a mortar round landed on the courtyard of a private house. Fortunately, no one was hurt there.”

According to the headquarters, Avdiivka and its suburb remain the one of the hottest points on the military operations map.

“This brutal crime reflects the targeted actions of the ORDO illegal armed groups on further aggravation of the conflict, unwillingness to comply with the ceasefire regime and deliberate failure to fulfill Minsk agreements”.

As a result of fighting on May 30 one Ukrainian military man was killed and five were wounded.

Earlier QHA reported that on May 29 three residents of Kryakivka village of Novoaidarsky district were blown up by militants’ trip wire.

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