The Moldovan authorities are ready to make an agreement with Ukraine on the withdrawal of Russian troops from Transdniestria through the Ukrainian corridor, Prime Minister of Moldova Pavel Filip said today at the Kyiv Security Forum.

According to him, Moldova demands to withdraw Russian troops from the unrecognized "Transdniestrian Republic", since an illegal military presence does not lead to a resolution of the conflict, but only freezes the situation.

Philip noted that in 2018, representatives of the Russian Federation declared the impossibility of withdrawing Russian arms and troops through the territory of Ukraine due to the difficult situation in the country.

"I assured the Russian side that we have enough arguments and there is an opportunity to convince our Ukrainian friends to create a corridor so that we can withdraw both the armament and ammunition that still remain in Transnistria," he said.

Earlier, on March 27, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova reported the expulsion of three Russian diplomats from the country.