The police seized a large arsenal of ammunition in the city of Seversk, in Bahmut District, the press service of Donetsk region police reported.

“More than 4,000 rounds of ammunition, ammonite, signal and imitation cartridges, RG-42 grenades, detonators and electric igniters were discovered in the house of a resident in Seversk after the death of the owner of the house. A woman immediately reported on the dangerous finding to the police, "the report said.

It is also noted that the woman going through the things of the previous owner and found the ammunition.

Now the question of opening criminal proceedings is being considered on preliminary qualification of Part 1 of Article 263 "Illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives" of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Earlier QHA reported that during a military clash with an enemy sabotage and reconnaissance group on July 27, Ukrainian soldiers seized weapons and communications equipment. The military noted that the seized items indicate that Russian weapons are supplied to terrorists, while regular units of the Russian Armed Forces take part in combat operations.