Currently, Ukraine desperately needs multifunctional upper limb prostheses manufactured using modern technology. To meet the demand, the government has earmarked substantial funding, but so far most of the servicemen wounded in the ATO area have chosen to have their prosthetics made abroad.

The Bebionic3 (‘RLS Steeper’, Great Britain), 2nd generation advanced technology, used for making bionic prosthetic upper limbs and shipped with an external power supply, will now be introduced in Ukraine.

A presentation focusing on the highlights of the technology has been held today at "UNIAN" news agency in Kyiv. What makes the new technology principally different is a greater functionality of the prosthesis, which enables to fine-tune the way the wrist performs, i.e. program grip patterns and calculate the strength of muscle signals by using a special software.

"The prosthesis costs £ 4,185 (about UAH 142, 000), but its price may vary depending on the complexity of the prosthesis, because it is custom made and fine-tuned to suit individual requirements," says Vasyl Shevchenko, First Deputy Minister for Social Policy of Ukraine.

According to Artur Derevyanko, Head of Civil Service of Ukraine for War Veterans and ATO Personnel, 302 amputees are currently on the waiting list for a prosthesis, while more than 100 have already had their prosthetics made.

During the presentation, a hand prosthesis has been demonstrated, which can significantly increase the amputee’s freedom of movement.