According to the report, on April 11, SMM patrol consisting of five members of Mission personnel and two armored vehicles, was about 2.5 kilometers south of the Ukrainian government-controlled settlement Staryi Aidar (20 km north-west of Luhansk) and about 2 km north-west of the contact line.

At 13:00, while outside the vehicles, the observers launched an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). At 13:06, when the UAV was flying at an altitude of 120 m above the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, located about 200 m to the southwest of the patrol location, observers heard 10 shots of small arms also about 200 m southwest of their location.

SMM members assessed fire as aimed at the UAV. The Mission team immediately recalled the UAV. After landing, any visible damage was not discovered. The patrol immediately left the area. The SMM informed the Joint Control and Coordination Center (SCCC) about the incident and also contacted the SCCC with a request to deal with it. The Mission informed the Joint Center in advance about the planned flight of the UAV.

Earlier, April 5 drone of the OSCE SMM was fired from small arms not far from Luhansk, the organization's employees were not hurt.

PHOTO: Internet