The Armed Forces of the Philippines stormed Abu Sayyaf terrorist group camp in the Basilan province in the south of the country. One hostage, a Vietnamese citizen, was released as a result of the operation, AA reports referring to local media.

“The operation, conducted in the camp, resulted in capture of firearms, solar batteries, and improvised militant explosive devices”, the report informed.

Representative of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Colonel Andrew Bachala added that the army had managed to destroy many terrorists.

Earlier, in late May, Brigadier General of the Philippine Army Restituto Padillo reported that his troops had successfully done their work in resolving the crisis in the south of the country and during a week had destroyed 89 insurgents associated with the "Islamic State" that seized Maravi city.

In turn, the militants killed 21 soldiers of the armed forces. The military conflict in the Philippines claimed the lives of 19 civilians.