During celebrations on occasion of the anniversary of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Stepan Poltorak, Ukrainian Defense Minister noted that an army was created in Ukraine that would not allow a repetition of 2014.

“I congratulate you on a huge holiday - the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine! We have something to be proud of today! We have created an army capable of defending our country! Army that would never allow the repetition of 2014,” Stepan Poltorak, Ukrainian Army General noted. “I am proud of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which, in a difficult time for the country and for themselves, showing their courage, professionalism and skill, gathered in a strong fist and were oriented in order to give a decent blow to the aggressor who crossed our borders and struck us in the back,” the Head of the defense agency stated.

All the military, starting 2014, have gathered in one fist. A great number of people were indifferent, motivated and proves to be the state’s patriots. They became members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, came to volunteer units and, taking up arms, stood up for the defense of their country.
Thanks to the courage and heroism of these people, we stopped the enemy! I am deeply convinced that victory will be ours!” the Minister pointed out.