Russian President Vladimir Putin asserts that the media in Russia are not controlled by the authorities. He made a corresponding statement in an interview with American filmmaker Oliver Stone at Showtime channel.

“You said about access to the media. We have hundreds of television and radio companies. The state does not control them at all. It is impossible”, Putin said.

According to him, the issue of the Russian opposition is in the absence of interesting program that they can offer for the voters.

“The issue of the opposition forces is not just to fight with the authorities, but to show citizens, to show voters that the programs they offer are more advantageous in terms of voters' interests”, the RF President said.

Earlier QHA reported that on June 12 anti-corruption rallies were held in major Russian cities. According to Russian media, at least 770 people were detained in Moscow, 900 people in St. Petersburg. In total, about 1600 participants of the rally were detained in Russia. Significantly, the majority of Russian media preferred not reporting the matter.

"Interview with Putin" is a four-part documentary of 2017 directed by Oliver Stone about Russian President Vladimir Putin. The slogan of the film is "Know your enemy". Oliver Stone and Vladimir Putin communicate on various topics, including relations between Russia and the United States, the expansion of NATO and the deployment of missile defense in Europe, the wars in Syria and Ukraine. The film also contains the biography of the Russian President.

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