Police detained the "Major-General" of the so-called "DPR regional Cossack association" at the Volnovakha checkpoint, the press service of the General Administration of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Donetsk region reports.

A 66-year-old local resident had a certificate of “DPR” Ataman” as well as a "permission" to bear a sabre, a dagger and a whip with him.

According to the detainee, he began to lead a "Cossack regiment" of 90 people in 2011. "Cossacks" joined the militants of the "DPR" terrorist group during the occupation of Donetsk in 2014. The duties of the "regiment" included guarding of "borders" and patrolling the occupied territory. In addition, "Ataman" propagated the leadership of the terrorist "republic."

The police registered criminal proceedings under Part 1 of Art. 256 (assistance to participants of criminal organizations and concealment of their criminal activities) of the Criminal Code, which provides penalties of imprisonment for up to five years.

Earlier, on June 3 Ukrainian border guards detained a likely militant of the "DPR" terrorist group at the "Hoptivka" checkpoint.

The detainee had internal Ukrainian and Russian passports, photographs of militants and vilifications of the National Symbols of Ukraine, as well as a laptop with video of the execution of Ukrainian servicemen.

PHOTO: Internet