“In “LPR”-controlled Vesela Hora, two “LPR” members (males, 25-30 years old) armed with assault (7.62mm) rifles, wearing grey camouflaged clothing without insignia or badges and with black balaclavas covering their faces approached the SMM vehicles. They asked the SMM patrol members in both vehicles if they had been in the same settlement the day before and alleged that SMM members had congratulated residents on the day of the Ukrainian constitution. The armed men told the SMM members that they would shoot the SMM members if such a message was repeated. The SMM left the area and informed the JCCC”, according to the OSCE SMM report on June 30.

Reportedly, Aleksander Hug, the SMM’s Principal Deputy Chief Monitor said that, despite frequent armed provocations against SMM patrols, the mission's employees did not resign and continued to contribute to the restoration of peace in Ukraine.

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