Russia intends to increase salaries for servicemen of the army and navy, the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Tatyana Shevtsova told the journalists.

Thus, over the next three years, wages are expected to rise by an average of 4% per cent a year.

“Since January 1, 2012, a new system of monetary allowances for servicemen entered into force, and as a result, the level of remuneration for military service has increased 2.5–3 times. Indexation will be carried out on October 1, 2019, October 1, 2020, and October 1, 2021 by 4.3, 3.8, and 4 percent, respectively,” Shevtsova said.

She noted that from January 1, 2018, the salaries of Russian military officers were also increased by 4 percent.

According to Shevtsova, in 2019–2021 military pensions will increase as well with the indexation of the money allowance.
Earlier, a Russian MP, member of the Federation Council, Olga Kovitidi, during a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, proposed to increase cash benefits to the Crimean recruits. The politician believes that this will increase the motivation of Crimea residents to do military service in the Russian army.

According to statistics, in the occupied Crimea, only security services receive high wages.

Source: Krasnaya Zvezda