Russian flags raised at administrative buildings of occupied Luhansk and now complementing the flags of the "LPR" terrorists. 

The militant administration did not make any official announcements on this matter.

According to media reports, the appearance of Russian flags is a spontaneous initiative that was not sanctioned by Moscow. According to “Ministry of Internal Affairs of LPR” the flags were raised by the order of Ihor Kornet, “The Minister”.

Leonid Pasechnik, acting leader of "LPR" did not react to these actions. The new Head of militants also did not abolish the order of Ihor Plotnytskyi, ex-head of "LPR" organization about the designation of Vladimir Cherkov as “Acting Minister of Internal Affairs of LPR".

In fact, Ihor Kornet continues to head “Ministry of Internal Affairs", he refused to comply with the order to resign and, together with the "Ministry of State Security of LPR" blocked the work of the "Prosecutor's Office" and "civil authorities of LPR" for several days.

Earlier, Plotnytskyi resigned as the Head of the so-called “Luhansk Peoples Republic”.

Previously, "People’s Council of LPR" received a request from Plotnytskyi concerning his resignation from the mandate as well as his request on the appointment of Leonid Pasechnik as “Acting Head of the Republic"