The pro-Russian command in the occupied Donbas disciplines subordinates who fake disease and shrik the participation in hostilities, Defence Intelligence of the Ukraine Ministry of Defense reported.

“More servicemen from formations 1 (Donetsk) and  2 (Luрansk) units of the Russian Federation Armed Forces, called up for military service from local residents avoid participation in military operations. Servicemen feign illnesses and make inpatient treatment in medical institutions at the places of residence.”

It is known that terrorists make special mobile groups for combating malingerers.

“In order to return such persons to the front line, the Russian occupation command organized mobile groups of medical workers from the regular military servicemen of the RF Armed Forces, and they conduct examination in local medical institutions to detect malingerers (checking case-records and contacting with "sick" persons and representatives of the medical institution)”.

Identified malingerers, accompanied by the commandant division, are sent to the front lines, according to information of Defence Intelligence.

Earlier, Pro-Russian militants in ORDO (particular areas of Donetsk region) occupy apartments of the local residents who left previously in Novoazovsk and Sedove.

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