The enemy subversion and reconnaissance group was destroyed in the ATO zone; as a result two militants, including a Russian citizen, were killed, the press center of the ATO headquarters reported.

“As a result of the measures taken, four militants were detained, and two more – the commander and one of the saboteurs who resisted the ATO forces fighters – were liquidated. It is worth noting that the deceased commander of the group was a citizen of the Russian Federation, his native city was Kirov".

The representative of the ATO headquarters added that a Russian citizen from the Altai Territory was among the prisoners as well.

Such weapons as 2 units of PK, 2 units of Dragunov sniper rifle, 2 units of AK-74, 1 unit of 26 rocket-propelled grenade were seized during the detention.

The investigation has been started. The ATO Forces Military Procurator’s Office exercises the procedure control. 

Earlier QHA reported that one of the the so-called "DPR" commanders Vadim Pogodin had been detained recently in Yalta city in the occupied Crimea at request of Interpol.

PHOTO: Internet