Near the city of Kerch in the occupied Crimea residents of the village of Zolotoe began to throw themselves under military equipment to prevent the security forces from installing a radar station.

During the confrontations with the security forces, one villager became ill and an ambulance was called.

According to preliminary information, the village council administration tried to give explanations to the villagers about the installing of the radar station. However, residents of Zolote claim that they were not shown any documentation for the construction, but the concrete mixers have already arrived.

One of the disagreeing villagers got into a pit for pouring concrete, which was surrounded by security officers. They still decided to start pouring concrete into the foundation ditch and were carrying it with buckets. The man eventually needed medical help.

Earlier, on November 30 in the occupied Crimea in the city of Kerch, one of the buildings of the Marine Technological University collapsed. At the time of the incident, nobody was in the building. It has been in an emergency condition and abandoned for several years now.

Source: Kerch.FM