About three thousand Crimeans will be called up for service in the Russian army during the autumn draft campaign, the "military commissar" of Crimea Oleg Ermilov announced.

According to him, for the first time Crimean young man will serve in the Northern Fleet.

“This time the geography of our recruits' service will be somewhat wider. Traditionally this is the Black Sea Fleet, again the Southern Military District, because we belong to it, the Western Military District. This time the Northern Fleet is added - our recruits will serve in Severomorsk.”

Reportedly, during the current draft campaign, more than two thousand people will be sent beyond the Crimea.

Yermilov noted that during the spring draft campaign, the Commissariat was assigned the task of conscripting 2,300 inhabitants of the occupied peninsula for service. Crimean conscripts were sent to the Black Sea Fleet, to the Southern, Western and Central Military Districts of the Russian Federation.
Earlier, the Russian MP, a member of the Federation Council from the annexed Crimea, Olga Kovitidi, proposed to increase cash allowances to the Crimean conscripts. Kovitidi believes that this will increase the motivation of Crimeans to do military service in the Russian army.

The Crimean Human Rights Group reported that Russia has tightened the persecution of Crimeans for evading military service in Russia. Since the beginning of the occupation, more than 35 criminal cases have been registered in the “courts” of the annexed peninsula for evading military service in the Russian army.

he Prosecutor's Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea asks residents of the occupied Crimea to report on the facts of obtaining draft notices to the army of the Russian Federation.
Source: Kryminform