Pro-Russian militants in the Donbas use rocket launcher systems, and accuse the Ukrainian military, according to report of the ATO headquarters press center on Facebook.

”Yesterday, on May 22, Russian-occupation troops shelled the positions of ATO forces near the Opytnoye village with the use of rocket launcher systems. To cover up the fact of disgraceful disregard of the Minsk agreements, the militants began covering up their actions with an information veil in the Internet.”

According to the ATO headquarters, in order to discredit the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hostile media reported that the ATO forces used multiple-launch rocket system, artillery and tanks in settlements near Donetsk.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine strictly observe the state of ceasefire and are always ready to provide an adequate response without violating the Minsk agreements”.

Earlier QHA reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine took up new positions in the Svetlodarsk arc.