Pro-Russian terrorists in the Donbas fired at Russian drones, due to uncoordinated actions of the units, the Directorate General of Intelligence of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense reported on Facebook.

“April 26, a Russian-made unmanned aerial vehicle Orlan-10 from a separate motorized infantry brigade 2 of the Russian Federation Armed Forces was fired with the Zu-23-2 anti-aircraft mount from the advanced positions of separate motorized rifle brigade 2 (Luhansk).”

Earlier, QHA reported, that the so-called "DPR" military counterintelligence conducted an internal investigation into the fact of sabotage. The commission from the headquarters of the "DPR" militia, found that "in a number of units, as a result of improper operation or deliberate damage, several units of military equipment and weapons were put out of order."

PHOTO: Internet