Pro-Russian militants in the Donbas steal military property, in particular, gasoline, diesel fuel and motor oils, Directorate General of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine reported on Facebook.

The intelligence noted that terrorists steal fuel substances brought from Russia.

“The check of the equipment refueling in the 11th separate motorized rifle regiments (Donetsk) 1 Army Corps revealed the absence of combustible and lubricating materials in large amounts. Thus, in each department checked, the shortage of diesel fuel and gasoline is up to 2 tons. The large amounts of motor oils and lubricants that were delivered from the territory of the Russian Federation this year, was missing from warehouses as well.

Furthermore, the intelligence reports that the Russian command is not in a hurry to register the death of their mercenaries.

“More than 20 bodies of servicemen, who died of wounds, are kept in specially equipped premises at medical units of 1 Army Corps for a long time. Registration of death certificates by the Russian command is delayed with the aim of backdating dismissal of the dead to conceal losses and not to pay monetary compensation to their families.

Earlier QHA reported that during another shelling committed by pro-Russian terrorists in the Donbas, civilians were killed.

PHOTO: Internet