The Russian-occupation forces plan to make a production video featuring withdrawal of the "Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance group" near the settlement of Sokolniki. According to the scenario of the fake, the SMM patrol of the OSCE exploded on the terrorist-controlled territory due to the fault of this "group", the intelligence service of the ATO headquarters reported on Facebook.
The militants plan to film the "fighting clash" of their unit with "Ukrainian saboteurs" near the village of Novogrigorievka, followed by the withdrawal of the "group" into the territory controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
The staging of the events is intended to blame the death and injury of international observers on the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Earlier, on April 23, at about 10 a.m. the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported about the undermining of the car of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission. During the incident, a member of the observation mission, a US citizen, was killed. Another two observers - citizens of the Czech Republic and Germany - were taken to the hospital in occupied Lugansk with wounds.
The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine stated that the responsibility for undermining the car of the OSCE patrol in the Donbas lies with the pro-Russian terrorists who did not ensure the clearance of the front-line areas on the territory under their control.
PHOTO: Internet