Turkey condemned Greece because of the shelling of a Turkish cargo ship in the Aegean Sea, nobody was injured as a result of the incident, Ankara called it "an excessive act," Radio Liberty reports.

"There is no justification for ... the shelling of an unarmed cargo ship carrying its cargo between two Turkish ports", reads the statement of the Turkey Foreign Affairs Ministry. 

According to the ship's captain, earlier on Monday [3.06 – Ed.] the ship of the Coast Guard of Greece opened fire at his ship near the Greek island of Rhodes after he had rejected the demand to change course and to enter the Greek port.

According to the Greece Coast Guard, "the ship was in Greek territorial waters." They also reported that they had received an anonymous warning about carrying drugs by a Turkish vessel. According to this report, the ship had not respond to warning shots, and they informed the competent Turkish authorities about the incident.

PHOTO: Internet