Activation of Russian-terrorist forces mobile fire groups was observed at a number of sections of the front line in the ATO zone in Donbas, according to Dmitry Tymchuk, coordinator of the "Information Resistance" group.

In particular, the hidden reinforcement - antitank weapons - ATGM and 100-mm anti-tank guns of the MT-12 Rapier type - was noted in some areas.

"The command of the occupying forces continues to believe in the offensive plans of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and expect active offensive actions by the ATO forces with the use of armored vehicles in the near future in certain sectors," Tymchuk notes.

According to him, the militants covertly carry out a series of measures anticipating ATO offensive.

“In some cases, camouflaged mine-blasting obstacles are stationed, as well as equipment of reserve and cut-off positions of units, exercise of defensive tasks intensified, intensive training of narrow-profile specialists is observed, and a number of reserve formations of a tactical level are secretly deployed," Tymchuk repoted.

Earlier, on May 19, militants fired from a small arms civil vehicle that was moving along the road Maryinka-Krasnogorovka (ORDO).

PHOTO: Internet