Ukraine took the 29th place in the world ranking of the best armies by the version of Global Firepower according to the report on the company's website.

Global Firepower annually makes a rating of the best armies in the world. And this year Ukraine rose to the 29th place out of 136 possible.

On the 28th place was Greece, and the 30th position is occupied by Czech Republic.

The first place in the ranking was taken by the US Army, the second - by Russia, the third - by China.

When compiling the rating, the company took into account 55 individual factors. According to Global Firepower, the rating does not depend on the total number of weapons, but on the variety of weapons in this quantity, which can provide a better balance of weapons.

Countries with a large population took the top positions in the ranking, as they have personnel to support war and industry.

In 2017 the Ukrainian army was ranked 30th in the world list.

QHA reported that from April 2 in Ukraine the spring call for urgent military service began. The appeal will continue until the end of May, during which 15,178 people plan to recruit, of which 8,990 will be sent to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.