In the ATO zone, the body of a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was found who had disappeared from the military unit on March 29, press secretary of the ATO headquarters Oleh Sushinsky said.
On March 30 it was reported that military men are searching for a serviceman. It is worth noting that the circumstances of the disappearance of the fighter remain unclarified.

The disappearance of the serviceman became known on March 29 during the check of the presence of personnel in one of the military units of the forces of the Antiterrorist operation.

According to Oleh Sushinsky, the body of a Ukrainian soldier was found by the ORDLO fighters.

"Priority search activities continued, the body was found by the militants and handed over to the Ukrainian military," he said.

According to him, after the forensic medical examination, the process of identification and registration of relevant documents, the representatives of the humanitarian project of the Armed Forces Evacuation 200 delivered the body to the burial place.

Two days earlier in the ATO zone, a militant sniper killed a volunteer who was launching a drone, the media reported with reference to sources in the ATO zone. The volunteer was only 19 years old. He was engaged in aerial reconnaissance for one of the units of the ATO forces.