Servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) repulsed the attack of militants of terrorist groups on the Svitlodar arc in the Donbas, according to the reports by the volunteers of the "Come back alive" on Facebook.

Ukrainian servicemen claim that they were fired by the regular Russian military.

"They often come out, almost every day, almost every night. It’s about 400 meters to that tree cover, and then, lower, there is a narrow ravine. They are moving closer to that ravine. Although it is mined, they have already trampled the path. Yesterday, they approached 200 meters. They worked according to the classical pattern of Russian special forces: while the artillery does not even let us raise our heads, the threesome of the subversive and reconnaissance group creeps up and begins to "haunt," the  volunteers cited the military.

The servicemen also added that recently recruits had joined the militants.

Earlier QHA reported that militants in Donbas fired at the Pidlisne settlement in the Luhansk region, as a result of which one of the 12 shells fell into a civilian’s house. According to the military, none of the local population suffered. According to the officer of the artillery unit, 12 funnels were recorded, according to preliminary conclusions, from 152 mm shells.