The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Syrian Arab Coalition, with the support of an international coalition led by the United States, launched an operation to cleanse the city of Raqqa from the ISIS terrorist organization.

According to the press release of the operation headquarters "Inherent Resolve", detachments of the SDF, mainly consisting of Kurdish terrorists PYD / YPG (Syrian wing of the Kurdistan Workers' Party - Ed.), Began to surround Raqqa in November of last year.

It is noted that earlier they had recaptured the cities of Manbij and Tabqa from ISIS. With the capture of Tabqa, the terrorists had to completely retreat to Raqqa.

The US Air Force engaged Apache helicopters for the purpose of deploying SDF militants for the operation in Tabqa.

On the night of 2 to 3 June official Washington warned Ankara of a military operation to free Raqqa, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim reported. However, Turkey is concerned about the US alliance with the Kurdish terrorists.

“We have repeatedly, at various levels, brought to the attention of the US our concerns regarding the planning of the operation in Raqqa. However, in response, Washington assured that they have no other choice and they are forced to cooperate with terrorists PYD and YPG," Yildirim noted.

At the same time, the US guaranteed that the weapons delivered to Kurdish militants in Syria would not fall into the hands of Kurds in Turkey.

Raqqa is the main center of militants of the ISIS terrorist organization. The Syrian city, where about 400,000 people reside, has become the de facto capital of the "Islamic state". Terrorists recruit all local men and boys from the age of 14 for service in the local "Islamic police".

Photo and source: AA