According to Ben Hodges, Lieutenant General, Commander of United States Army, US Army has much to learn from Ukrainian Armed Forces, as he stated during the Lviv Defense Forum.

“We have never encountered Russian troops, we have never had to oppose the Russian electronic warfare. But Ukrainian soldiers possess this experience. That's why we have much to learn from Ukrainian soldiers, and cooperation with Ukraine is useful for us,” Hodges stated.

Hodges also pointed out that the usage of the US military equipment by Ukraine which was transferred to the Ukrainian military, allowed the US to obtain unique field test data.

“Our radars (anti-ballistic radars, which allow us to determine the location from where the Ukrainian positions were fired) proved to be even better than we thought. We received better data on its effectiveness,” Hodges informed.

Earlier, Military Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives and the Senate approved a draft military budget for the 2018 financial year, which provides $ 350 million for Ukraine, including the lethal weapons.

However, the law contains restrictions on the allocation of at least half of these funds, until the Head of the Pentagon confirms that Ukraine has taken significant steps to implement the institutional reform in the defense sector.