The American dock landing ship "Carter Hall" entered the Black Sea on March 17, according to the site of the US Navy Sixth Fleet, as cited by UNN.

The ship with a Marine division arrived in the region to participate in bilateral amphibious operations exercise Spring storm-17 with Romania.

Training exercises as part of the Spring storm will be held from March 18 to 21 at the port of Constanta in the Black Sea.

“Exercises like these are important to enhance relationships with our allies as we all share the same views of maintaining safety and security of the world’s ocean and sea lanes, we are glad to be here and build on our strong partnership with Romania,” Capt. Larry LeGree said, commodore, Amphibious Squadron Eight.

According to the Romanian media, 1,200 military personnel of the two countries take part in the exercises.

Reference: Carter Hall (LSD-50) was launched in October, 1993, the crew is represented by about 400 people. Landing of paratroopers from this ship is carried out with small amphibious ships and helicopters.

Earlier, QHA reported, on February 1 February 1, the NATO exercises started, during which the standard methods to repulse air, underwater and ground attacks were worked out.

The exercise "Sea Shield" involved 2,8 thousand of military personnel from Bulgaria, Canada, Greece, Romania, Spain, the USA, Turkey and Ukraine, 16 surface vessels, one submarine and ten planes.

500 soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with weapons and military equipment, as well as a ship, a helicopter and an airplane, took part in the exercises from Ukraine.

PHOTO: Internet