A designer from Crimea Nize Emirshah presented her new fashion collection called "Zaman". Works of the master are quite contemporary, and their main feature is national accessories.

With her collection Emirshah got to the finals of the Ukrainian contest "Look at the Future".
Young designer uses materials not common for the ethnics and colours in demand like black, grey, white and terra-cotta.
“It was important for me to include Crimean Tatar elements in the collection, I can’t avoid it since it is a part of me. I used national hats and robes from the Crimean Tatar ethnics which I find very stylish, also I use modern interpretation of sleeves,” Nize Emirshah says in a video comment.
Some works of the Crimean Tatar designer entered the archives of one of the most popular fashion magazines VOGUE.
Nize Emirshah is a young and ambitious Crimean Tatar designer with an uncommon vision of clothes creation and a very quivering attitude towards ethnic images. Nize Emirshah is known, in particular, for producing outfits for Crimean Tatar brides and performers.

PHOTO: Internet