October 23 to 26 the ferry that connects the annexed peninsula to the Russian Federation may stop its work due to the bad weather forecast, according to

“If the forecast is not justified, the ferry will operate in usual mode. As you know, last Monday the crossing was not working properly because of the strong wind. Now the ferry is the only land transport branch, connecting Crimea with Russia. One can also travel from Crimea to Russia by plane, but since July, the flights have been constantly delayed and canceled,” the source reports.

Moreover, the publication informs that previously the so-called Bakhchisarai administration received a document saying that October 22 to 23, the Kerch energy bridge would be completely inactive due to scheduled repair work.

Journalists point out that the object provides 80% of the Crimean energy, thus the peninsula has to spend a day without power. The switch to the Russian supply of energy in Crimea underwent several stages during the year, the last string was launched in March 2016.

Photo: Internet