The introduction of sanctions against Russia is a historical phenomenon, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at his press conference on July 15. According to him, he does not understand why the United States and European countries have strengthened sanctions.

“The history of Russia shows that we lived under sanctions. If our partners in the world felt a competitor in Russia, then restrictions were introduced under various pretexts. This has been observed throughout our history. So there is nothing surprising. A bill on the strengthening of these sanctions appeared in the Senate. By the way, why? After all, nothing extraordinary happens. I believe that it all comes without rhyme or reason. If not for the Crimea, if not for other problems - they would come up with something else.”

Putin expressed confidence that the sanctions "did not affect the state of the Russian economy drastically - a more important problem is the fall in oil prices."

“Sanctions, of course, affected the Russian economy, but the external economic situation, including the fall in energy prices, was more influential.”

Reportedly, today the United States Senate approved a bill on the introduction of a new package of sanctions against the Russian Federation.

PHOTO: Internet