Ukraine will recieve $1,9 billion as the next tranche of the IMF credit during 2018, the International Rating Fitch Ratings says.  

“Constant interaction with IMF and other international partners remains vital for providing Ukraine with access to official and external financing for managing public debt in 2020-2021,” reads the message.

Fitch further noted that proposing the acting Head of the National Bank Yakiv Smolij to this position on a permanent basis should reduce uncertainty related to stability and independence of regulator`s policy. 

According to the agency’s estimates, an increase of discount rate made by the National Bank indicates that the regulator is still focused on sustainable reduction of inflation within the planned transition to targeting inflation. 

During the meeting with the President Petro Poroshenko in Davos the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde called Kyiv for increasing the pace of reforms for economic growth and higher living standards. 

Following the meeting Poroshenko stated that Ukraine would continue cooperation with IMF. 

Reportedly, The National Bank assumes that if Ukraine does not receive the next tranche from the IMF till July, the program of cooperation can probably be closed.   

Earlier, the Ukrainian Minister of Finance stated that termination of cooperation with IMF can lead to the problems related to paying capability of the State. 

However, the IMF is ready to make concessions in relation to Ukraine in terms of giving the credit.  

Source: “Ekonomycheskaya Pravda”