In the schools of the annexed Sevastopol, teacher shortages are observed, the director of the city's education department Mikhail Rodikov admitted.

According to him, in particular, the teachers of mathematics, physics and chemistry are not enough, he also pointed to a serious shortage of primary school teachers.

“Mathematicians, physicists, chemists are sorely lacking. This year we expect a sharp increase in the number of pupils of the first grades. The number of primary school teachers to conduct classes and the number required for the recruitment will not coincide. How to close these issues, I do not know,” he noted.

Rodikov said that it would be impossible to solve the problem by inviting teachers from other cities, since they demanded to provide them with housing which the city cannot allow.

Let's note that there are 67 general educational institutions in the occupied Sevastopol.

Earlier it was reported that in one of the schools of the occupied Crimea children were forced to draw posters dedicated to the presidential elections in Russia.

Source: Meridian