According to Artem Shevchenko, the Head of the Communications Department at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, MIA confirmed the escape of Ihor Plotnytskyi to Russia, as the media previously reported.

“My sources tell me, Ihor "Plot" Plotnytskyi, the leader of the Luhansk terrorists fled to Russia. Spiders in a jar continue eating each other,” Shevchenko informed.

Reportedly, the previous day, Ihor Plotnytskyi, the leader of the "LPR" dismissed Ihor Kornet, the "Minister of Internal Affairs".

On November 21, the center of Luhansk was cordoned off by armed people with no insignia, at the same time Cornet posted a statement on the “MIA” website denying his resignation and informing about the arrests of people from the inner circle of Plotnytskyi.

Moreover, Russian media reported that in the conflict between Ihor Plotnytskyi and Ihor Kornet, who was fired by Plotnytskyi, the Kremlin took the side of Kornet.

On the same day, November 21, the special monitoring mission of the OSCE recorded a military convoy moving towards Luhansk from the ORDO, consisting of at least 6 military-type trucks, 2 armored personnel carriers, 1 anti-aircraft gun (ZU-23), and more than 20 civilian vehicles without license plates transporting at least 50 armed men.

According to media reports, the column entered Luhansk by the evening of the same day.

"DPR"  representatives informed they "have nothing to do with events in the "LPR "and do not take any part in them."

Reportedly, the television and radio are currently not working in the occupied Luhansk.