The State Border Service has published a video in which the Coast Guard crew "Podolye" contacted with the crews of Russian ships fishing illegally in the exclusive marine economic zone of Ukraine.

So, when speaking with the crew of "Irtysh," which is engaged in mining of sand in the Karkinitsky Gulf, the interlocutor of Ukrainian border guards said he works there with the permission of the Russian government and advised to claim to the Russian government. When asked whether he has permission from Ukraine, the member of the Russian crew said he was not authorized to speak about it, and finished up.  

In addition, the guards approached the Russian drilling platform SME-2 installed in the Ukrainian Golitsyn gas condensate field. Following that, the works carried out on the platform were immediately stopped, and five armed men took up the fighting positions. In response to the question on what grounds they are in the waters of Ukraine, the armed men said that the border guards "ask a lot of questions", and refused to discuss the violation of Ukrainian legislation and international maritime law.

After that the Ukrainian ship was chased by the Russian warship "Smetliviy" to the territorial waters near Odessa. When the border guards contacted the crew asking their purpose of prosecution and further intentions, as well as warning them that they are approaching the Ukrainian waters, those on the Russian ship answered they were not in the waters of Ukraine, however, the persecution was ceased.

Photo: Internet