Russian border guards detained a Ukrainian fishing vessel "Rybak Kherson" allegedly for violating the state border of the Russian Federation, according to the press service of the Border Control Department of the Russian FSB in Crimea.

A press release from the Kremlin-controlled agency said that "after the interrogation of ten team members and the captain (all of them are citizens of Ukraine) it was established that the vessel, while exploring aquatic biological resources on the high seas, went into Russian territory [in fact, the occupied territory of Ukraine - Ed.] by almost 400 meters. "

The invaders brought the captain of the ship to administrative responsibility under Part 1 of Art. 18.1. the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses (violation of the State Border Régime of the Russian Federation) and issued a fine of 60 thousand rubles.

Reference: Russia occupied the Crimea in 2014. The Ukrainian parliament considers February 20, 2014 the official date for the beginning of the annexation of the peninsula.

PHOTO: Internet