The Russian Defense Ministry said that the planes at the Ukraine's borders are in a two-minute alert.
According to the Russian Defense Ministry, "Combat units of anti-aircraft missile and radio-technical troops of the Southern Military District took on the air defense combat duty under the troops’ combat readiness spot check. The fighter crews relocated to operational airfields joined the troops who had marched to the new position areas.”

Radar stations of various modifications, involved in carrying out a spot check, enable to control the airspace from zero to a few tens of kilometers elevation and a few hundred kilometers away. The radar stations involved are "Nebo", "Kasta", "Desna", "Gamma" and "Oborona".

Combat units of anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 "Triumph", C-300 "Favorit" and anti-aircraft missile and gun complexes "Panzyr-S" trained  tactical missile launches on contingent goals, having worked the interaction with the air defense command posts of the Southern Military District.

“Crews of Su-27 planes are located on the duty airfields ready to fly in two minutes on duty forces command to detect and classify airborne targets, as well as to use all the available means,  including aircraft weapons, in order to avoid its crossing the conditional border airspace,” reads the message.

Moreover, the front-line crews of the aircraft-bombers Su-25 and the attack helicopters Mi-28N, Mi-35M and Mi-24 worked the covering of the moving heavy military equipment convoys involved in a spot check of the combat readiness.

Aviation Aircrew exercised aerial reconnaissance, tactical air hits of the ground targets and ground cover of troops from the air, as well as on routes of military convoys to the areas of concentration. Having exercised the use of tactical combat aircraft weapons, the combat helicopters crews fired thermal traps and practiced maneuvering elements in the air to prevent missile restrike from the ground.

The Russian Armed Forces across the country are in full alert due to a spot check of the combat readiness.

Photo: Internet