Security officials raided the central market of Simferopol, lawyer Emil Kurbedinov informed.

"People phone me and report about the raids of security officials in the central market of Simferopol, as well as detentions," he wrote.

According to Tamila Tasheva, about 40 people were detained. Among them are journalist Taras Ibrahimov and human rights activist Andrei Krisko.

Later, the Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov compared these raids with the actions of German invaders during the Second World War.

“It is a direct association with the time of the German occupation of the Crimea during the Second World War. They also liked to raid in the markets," Chubarov wrote on Facebook.

At about 13:30, a police officer of the occupants reported that all the detainees would be photographed and fingerprints would be taken. He notified that after this they would all be released, Tamila Tasheva reports.

“A police officer came in (but without the uniform)

He said that everyone should go out by five to be photographed and to take fingerprints and then we will be released.”

14:20 - The detainees were divided into groups and taken away for photo and fingerprinting.

14:30 - People are waiting for their turn to be recorded in database. Some of the detainees, in particular butchers from the market, did not have time to change into comfortable clothes and are waiting in the central police department of Simferopol in a working uniform, human rights activist Tamila Tasheva said.

15:33 - It became known that Taras Ibragimov and Andrei Krisko are taken to "Center E".

Earlier, March 30, the Center for Countering Extremism detained Remzi Bekirov and charged him with the alleged dissemination of extremist content in the social network.

Later, Center E detained a Ukrainian journalist Taras Ibragimov and a public activists Usman Arifmemetov (Osman Arifma) and Riza Izetov, who came to visit Bekirov. Their documents were taken away and the detained were kept in the basement of the Simferopol Center for Countering Extremism. Later Arifmemetov was released, and soon Taras Ibragimov and Riza Izetov were released as well.

PHOTO: Tamila Tasheva