One of the leaders of Russia-backed terrorists - Arseny Pavlov, known as ‘Motorola’, has left the DNR for Russia.

According to witnesses, having left his wife and child in Donetsk, he together with his accomplices and a new girlfriend left the city of Donetsk in two jeeps stuffed to the gills.

Just a reminder: having the first marriage registered in Russia, last July he registered the second marriage with a girl from Russia-occupied Donetsk.

On the eve of September 4, in the so-called DNR a takeover, which resulted in the change of power, took place - Denis Pushilin superseded Andrei Purgina, as President of the National Council.

According to experts, the reasons for this takeover are the Kremlin's refusal to continue the military intervention in Ukraine and the political contradictions among the terrorists themselves. Reportedly, the Russian terrorists are leaving the city of Donetsk for fear of the mop-up operations.