According to a message posted on the Russian Minister’s page, a team of Turkish hackers who call themselves Börteçine Siber Tim claimed responsibility for the cyber attack. The hacked page also features an image of an F-16 fighter jet and a smiley, reports

Among the pictures, which the hackers posted after taking control of Nikiforov's account, are photos of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey, the leader of the Young Turk revolution Enver Pasha, several images of Turkish flag, photos of a Turkish F-16 fighter jet and a fighter jet falling against the backdrop of mountainous terrain.

Relations between the two nations soured following an accident involving a Turkish F-16 fighter jet shooting down a Russian Su-24 bomber which violated Turkish airspace on November 24, 2015. Russia imposed sanctions on Turkey, including banning and restricting imports of certain goods. Charter flights between the two countries were also cancelled and visa-free travel abolished as of 2016.