Due to bad weather and inability of Simferopol road service to deal with it there was another traffic standstill.
Media reports about interesting cases that have occurred in the occupied Crimea.
A resident of the capital of Crimea called an ambulance, and a vet came instead of a doctor. This was explained by the insufficient number of ambulances in the city.
“The vet did not deny that he was used to work with animals, and said that he probably would not be able to help,” the woman says .
At the same time, according to the Head of the Simferopol ambulance station Lydia Prokhasko, today the city has nearly 30 ambulances. They, like everyone else, get stuck in traffic jams, which results in a growing number of delays.
“Today we have 28 working emergency teams in  the city. This is a sufficient number, but considering that they stand for 15-20 minutes in traffic jams, so the number of delays is growing respectively,” she says.
Earlier, the so-called administration of the city of Simferopol established a heating point at the landfill of municipal solid waste, in other words, at the garbage dump.
Photo: Internet