Seven-year-old Syrian girl Bana Alabed, who became famous for her diary in the social network, which she writes from besieged Aleppo, sent an open letter to Prime Minister of Great Britain Teresa May.

In the letter, Bana asks the official London not to forget about the Syrian children and to provide the Syrian people with food and medical support.

The girl posted her letter about help in her microblog on Twitter with the help of the mother.

“Can you send food, doctors, water and milk to the people of Syria? Have you seen children who are exhausted and dying of hunger? I have, and it hurts for them! But there are those who can be helped. The ones no one cares about. Promise that you will send them food and medicine. Do not forget about them,” little Bana wrote.

Earlier, the girl wrote an open letter to US President Donald Trump.

PHOTO and source: AA