On Thursday, the self-proclaimed Head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov terminated the powers of the Vice-prime Minister of the "Crimean government" Oleg Kazurin. Moreover, Alexander Kuznetsov left the post of "Deputy Minister of Construction and Architecture of Republic of Crimea" - the chief architect of "Republic of Crimea ". On Friday, the Head of the so-called administration of Bakhchisaray district Viktor Knyazev and Head of the Administration of Alushta Igor Sotov were removed from office as well.

“I am really frustrated in stuff. Those I relied on the most, failed. But everything else was expected and predictable,” Aksenov said.

Aksenov also said that "unfortunately, many questions can be solved only when he personally deals with them, from a manhole to a pit."

As QHA reported earlier, "authorities" of the occupied Crimea found a replacement for "Prosecutor" Poklonskaya.

Photo: Internet