The Mufti of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (DUM ARC) Ayder Rustamov commented on the statement of Viktor Yelensky. Yelensky, Chairman of the sub-committee on public policy in the sphere of freedom of conscience and religious organizations of the Verkhovna Rada, told QHA that the US can impose sanctions on Russia for violating religious freedoms.

“If it is really possible to impose sanctions on Russia, then it is fine. But for all this, do not forget that for today, offenses for which people are prosecuted under religious, extremist or some other grounds in the Crimea, in most cases, are associated with ethnicity. This is the first reason. This can be seen with the naked eye. There are new statistics on human rights violations at the beginning of 2018: 9 searches were carried out, 9 of them were at the Crimean Tatars. The total number of detentions is five, four of the detained are the Crimean Tatars. 7 interrogations were conducted, 6 of the interrogated were the Crimean Tatars, 11 fines were imposed, and 8 of them - against the Tatars. Arrests: of four cases, three are the Crimean Tatars.”

According to Ayder Rustamov, one should not only remember the ethnic factor of persecution in the Crimea, but always emphasize it.

“Cases are initiated under various "labels", such as the case of Hizb ut-Tahrs. It must always be emphasized that the ethnic factor is dominant. The Crimean Tatars are being repressed and it can be seen with the naked eye.”

Earlier, a number of religious and public organizations of Muslims of Ukraine signed the Social Concept, which explains the attitude of Islam to important aspects of social life