During a meeting of the Kremlin-controlled "Supreme Court" of the occupied Crimea, which is currently considering an appeal on changing the measure of restraint against the Crimean Tatar activists Bekir Degermendzhi and Ruslan Trubach, Bekir Degermenzhi became ill, according to messages on networks.

“An ambulance was called for Bekir-agha. He became ill in the courtroom,” the message says.

Bekir Degermendzhi suffers from chronic disease - bronchial asthma. According to preliminary data, he became ill due to hypertension.

December 6, the Kremlin-controlled "Supreme Court" of Crimea is considering an appeal on changing the preventive measure filed by lawyers of Bekir Degermendzhi and Ruslan Trubach suspected of alleged extortion.

It should be noted that Ruslan Trubach, Bekir Degermendzhi, Asan Chapukh and Kazim Ametov, detained on November 23, are charged with extortion committed by a group of persons (Part 2 of Article 163 of the Criminal Code).

All four detainees were arrested until January 15, 2018.

Reference: November 23, in the annexed Crimea, searches were carried out in the houses of Asan Chapukh and Amet Asanov in Koreiz; Kurthesit Abdullaev and his brother Eldar were searched in Simferopol (both were detained); Ruslan Trubach was searche in the village of Blyzhne near Feodosia (he was detained with his wife, his wife was then taken away for search).

In the evening of November 23, the occupants released two detained activists, Kurthesit Abdullaev and his brother Eldar.